Western culture prevails undefeated because we have forgotten who we are. Haven’t they stolen enough? When we return to our identity, we render this culture powerless over our lives, our descendants.

Overthrow them.
As teastained women a core component of Journeying Soulfully is disconnecting and disassociating from Western culture. As long as we are loyal to this culture we cannot preserve histories.

Where do we begin? Two ways: First, by calling this culture out for what it really is and recognizing what has been done to us as a result of us being part of it. How does Western culture function? What are its agendas and how have we seen them achieved in our lives? In what ways do we enable it to thrive? This culture is vile and violent, loves death, hates history, instills amnesia, exploits elders and children, brutalizes people with capitalism rooted in slavery, and then sells its citizens drugs. Freethinkers, critical thinkers, and melanated beings who hold Western society accountable to its crimes against humanity are considered “extreme” while those who suppress cultural instinct and deny its memory are hailed for being “progressive”. That’s what this culture is.
They scattered us from each other and from all that defines us. They enslaved us, colonized our countries, stole our land, killed us off, brought us “Jesus” and told us to forgive and forget.

Next, we begin subverting Western culture by returning to who we are. What culture do you represent, that you’ve been disconencted from as a result of assimilation in the Western world? What languages, fables, ways of telling time, values, ideals, pace, and cultural dress ave you lost in being in this system? By returning to our roots and studying the ihshtory of Western violence that separated us from these magnificent, brilliant origins we dispose Western ways from their seat of exceptionalism and “civility.” For centuries they built out a system of oppression and control that thrives on the backs of fearful people whom they have conditioned into believing the West represents liberty and freedom. As long as we negate the memory of their violence we empower their deleterious system.

Who were we before them? Time to return.

We must remember.
The West has gone all over the world colonizing, violating, enslaving, displacing, and exterminating wholes of we BIPoCs (Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color).  Their atrocities have transformed into agendas built into a system that maintains our oppression and gives us the illusion of “success” so long as we are busy surviving and being paid.  By revering the system they created more than our histories, we only enable our erasure.  And when we encourage our generations to recycle back into this system, delving into it with full participation and contributing to it like it’s our own civilization, we offend our ancestors who fought to protect themselves/lands and be left alone by Western greed and violence and were murdered by it for doing so.

The Western culture HATES us. It is a vile, base culture that thrives on violence buffered by entertainment, the truncation of generational wisdom, genocide of first peoples, and the struggles of peoples too broken down in their minds and spirits to remember their power and their histories. When we reconnect with the truth about who THEY really are as perpetrators of evil and denounce all that their culture projects onto us, we position ourselves to turn from viewing them as saviours and towards our own histories and traditions.

Putting Western culture in its place requires we stop respecting it (it’s not respectable), stop hoping in it (it’s not worth our energy), and stop building to further it (our ancestors’ blood is in its soils) with our brilliance, ideas, and generational recipes for survival, then we have placed ourselves at our rightful place. It requires us to stop being loyal to it. We can no longer build ourselves into this system and think there is no we are doing well for ourselves. Furthermore, we have to make strides of departure from their culture of violence and RETURN to who we were created to be and all that belongs to us

As long as we are in states of fear and amnesia, Western culture wins. They hate peoples who know and preserve their histories—we must defy them and subvert their agendas by doing just these things.

We must stop romanticizing this culture.
We must unseat it from its place of respectability in our minds.
We must stop venerating it’s definition of success, stop hoping for our
children to “go far” or “do well” within it.
Stop watching “programming” and begin to read and write more.
Talk to elders.
Stop believing there is honor in amassing fake money and attaining their versions of wealth.
We stop “sharing” secrets and how we feel and what we were told on
social media platforms and any other place where they are present.
Stop accepting their presentations of “truth” as the truth.
Stop looking at their ways as ways to emulate, and remember what belongs to you,
the power of your design, the beauty that is yours INHERENTLY.

Every moment we assign honor to Western culture,
we fulfill their agenda for us to disconnect from our power.

When we put ourselves into writing in our books with knowledge of who we are, who they are, and how they operate, we poise ourselves to disentangle from this society of oppression. Our written narrative creates a contract with time and soul and keeps our descendants from allying with Western ways.

GENES,SIS is a rememory.
Becoming dedicated students of our histories and traditions, we must immerse ourselves in the remembrance of what this society banks on us forgetting: who we are, what our peoples have built, our inherent brilliance, what the West has stolen from us, the mechanics of their system and how it operates to keep us in states of oppression, amnesia, and ignorance. Our waking up to the truth about Western society’s violence is a threat to them because it makes it more difficult for them to steal from us and swindle us into donating our brilliance to further their agendas. It also sets us on the path towards extrication and expatriation— they need our creativity to maintain their illusion of power. So long as we go along with their culture we subtract accountability for their past and present violence; we become accomplices with them in destroying our ancestors’ hopes and the integrity of all our cultures represent.

What have we forgotten in assimilating into this culture? GENES, SIS begs we ask these questions. We must go to the beginnings of our peoples and connect with what belongs to us spiritually and genetically so we mentally undermine their lies and document narratives of truth. Because at the end of the day our journals are WORTHLESS if they are scribbled with mourning our lack of success in this culture or frustrations with all we must sacrifice of ourselves to progress within it. Or if we are documenting struggles without connecting the West’s systemic, ancestral violence to our present state of displacement.

We are the original peoples. This fact demands a return to all we have forgotten about ourselves in order to be part of Western culture and its systems. This is how we Journey Soulfully and enable the healing of not only ourselves but the nations we represent.

What does this have to do with journaling? When we document from knowing the truth about ourselves and how their system tends toward our violent erasure, we can see its traits in our journeys and do differently. We can change our narratives by being aware of what to look for. We reconnect with the memory of who we are and stay in the protective space of that dignity. We keep our secrets.