Regard your Times

There is a cost to not functioning in a timely manner. You can be too early and wait in vain and idly for too long before an event OR you can be late altogether. Both scenarios risk your lack of preparedness: too early, you spend time waiting around instead of doing what you could be doing to prepare for what’s to come; too late and you arrive prepared, but unable to deliver to those you were meant to show up for, and in the time for which you were meant to be relevant.

There is a cost to not knowing what time it is. I’m not talking 12:03pm. I’m talking knowing when to know that it’s time to use your gifts and words to impact your generation. On the metaphorical theatre stage of the journey you must know not only your lines but also your cue to step onto the stage and pave the way for those coming after you. Your purpose expressed in time and on time leaves the cue for those next on stage: If you don’t know your times, you don’t set the next generation up to know theirs.

I’m also talking about knowing the characteristics of your era. Life isn’t your blindly participating in your allotted portion of years. As a sojourner you have the power to use your place in life as the best seat in the house to observe dynamics and collect the facts about what’s happening in your ERA. Look at the trends, current events, the celebrities and their common characteristics, and how “entertainment” is being defined. Listen to the words to song lyrics, regard who gets celebrated and who gets categorized as a hero. What criminal cases have been prominent? What were their verdicts? What’s permissive in society, what’s being made into a law, what freedoms are being challenged, what’s happening with food and medicine? What diseases are rampant and who’s behind their being spread (because some diseases are manufactured and strategically placed)? What kinds of vaccines are being promulgated in your community? How often do you see chemtrails in the sky and over which neighborhoods are they floating?

What are the current trends? What’s being advertised? How are people of color positioned (literally) in advertising images? How is marketing and technology impacting your peers’ minds? What are the characteristics of your generation? The one before yours? What’s happening to the elders? What are they saying? What’s being criminalized and what’s being enabled in society? How are people dressing and what’s inspiring that dress? What about hair? and makeup? What’s the value of currency, gold—of melanin?

All of these things are documentation-worthy. They are your responsibility to note, your duty to ponder and process into your writings.

This society takes pride in how distracted you are. Despite the pressures of life, you have not been placed on this earth to think only about yourself. The system, media, and even circumstances will lie to keep you thinking about your upward mobility on the illusionary corporate ladder and have you in survival mode to hustle and grind yourself into a powder—then snort it to keep moving. You’ll find yourself so caught up in getting on in society or ahead in life that you won’t notice stuff like subliminal messages in TV programs and songs you use to “come down” at the end of a day. You won’t notice how your food choices are being influenced by media or how social media is recalibrating you by setting off your dopamine releasors and be your new drug. You won’t research history’s history or be able to perceive the reality of your reality. These things are seminal additions to your journal entries: they’ll speak to your awareness of your times, your clarity and discernment, your critical thinking, and your broadness of mind and soul to consider more than just your sphere of events in logging your existence. They are proof that you can tell your times and thus orient yourself accordingly.

How do you get to know your times? You cultivate a nature of quietness within and pay attention. Make notes on everything you’re sober (look up the definition) enough to see, and seek sobriety of mind and discernment to be aware of the stuff you can’t see; the stuff behind the veil of “what is”, the stuff you’re not aware is happening right before your eyes. There are agendas in this world that are operating under smokescreens manufactured to keep us busied with false hopes like the “american dream”, “success”, “wealth”, “getting ahead”, and “ascending the corporate ladder”. There is news being formulated to create emergency and complacency where both are inappropriate. There are lies in which we participate everyday without knowing, like buying from non-PoC businesses because we think they’re less quality, getting the Flu Shot that’s proven to target melanated peoples, buy from stores who are supplied by prison labor, attend churches whose pastors steal from the congregation they brainwash; we vote on issues we are given the illusion that we are changing, we spend our money on luxury brands that have stated they despise brown skin, etc. etc.

What does regarding your times have to do with journaling? Your journal is not just a book of “Dear diary, blah blah blah.” As much as your journal should contain as much of your everyday existence (mundane and not), it should DOUBLY contain heavier aspects of your occupation in time. Your journal is a logbook of all that you are sentient enough to discern, notice, and remember. Your journal is proof of all you deem worthy of your attention; it’s a catalog of all you’ve been listening to, thinking upon. Keep detailed accounts, be faithful, and don’t tell yourself that you’re crazy for discernment.

Your assignment in time has given you an individual perspective that NO ONE ELSE SHARES. No one else has your vantage point of the times, your perspective, your insight. These are directly proportionate to what YOU have been predesignated to preserve. Others’ acceptance or rejection of the notations and conclusions and insights you have about your times should not have weight on your documenting them and acting on the truths you’ve come to know. Your journal is first private. Maximize that privacy by preserving your radical thoughts about what you are seeing in your generation.

Accept your position as a scribe within your generation and Journey Soulfully.


Below are some things I have regarded in the recent times. These are NOT JUDGEMENTS (before you go off on the deep end with me and accuse me of something else), just what I am seeing, inferring, and keeping tabs on in the times; what I am noticing. One of the reasons scribes and prophets of a generation are always the first to be assassinated is because they have catalogs and keen regard for what they are seeing transpire, and are unafraid of the consequences of speaking to them. What we see today can have weight in the future, and because we don’t know what its consequences might be, we make notes.

This is what I have seen. What have YOU seen? We don’t ask to know the answer, we ask to stay vigilant.

Who makes the best family? What sort of family gets celebrated? What family is portrayed as victorious no matter the times?

Human/animal, transhumance, beastiality programming much?

new face of “wellness”?

Regard the uplifting, positive vocabulary used on these covers…and the images used to be associated with these words.

Pedophilia is being normalized in subliminal ways; it’s also being introduced to congress to start it on the path towards legalization.

Journey Soulfully.

Write Place, Write Chai: S, T Coffee

Write Place, Write Chai: S, T Coffee

Enjoy the conversational quiet, the installation of ceramic, vestment, provoking reading materials, the aroma therapy of caffeine; the cafe anthropology of which we all can find ourselves assiduous students retaking the course, the honey latte, and some good journaling.

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