Journaling the Fall


Sweater weather.

Harvest time. 

The world around us begins to cool after Summer's intense heat...  

Life's climate seems to change along with the season's.  Even the spice in the air creates an atmosphere of austerity, seriousness as we mentally and physically prepare for bundling up and earth-toned leaves.

You have to admit that Fall comes with its own sentience that impacts us in a variety of ways, from excitement to mourning.

Every year I try to capture a bit of Fall in my journaling: how the spiced air feels on my body, what the change of seasons is saying to my soul, the metaphor in going from breezy skirt to skinny jeans, a beanie and thick, grey sweater; interrogating my place and space after summer's playfulness has died down, plotting what I want to be prepared for, etc.  

Am I successful in journaling all of this? Honestly, every year I'm left with feeling like I am missing something in my Fall journaling-like I've missed some quality about the Fall and about myself in the Fall that's really the essence of the season's message for my journey.  

Nevertheless, here are some ways to I've learned to capture "Fall" in documenting myself.
Journey Soulfully this crispy season... 

Fall Journaling 28.jpg