Journaling FAQ: Questions I ask Myself when Journaling


There was this one time awhile back when I was asked:

"What do you ask yourself when you are journaling?"  

I shared my answers on the VGB Instagram, and many responded with how helpful these questions were for their own journaling.  So: Here's the comprehensive answer for the archives, right here, just for you, along with a few more added since that time.  

In general, my internal dialogue varies from day to day when I pick up my pen. However, the following are the essential questions that are more or less the sources of my journal content:


Where am I?

 Am I moving? In which direction? At what pace?

 What’s happening?


 What do I want for myself?

 Am I thinking big enough? Why not?

 How are my actions speaking to who I am trying to become?


How do I want to remember myself when I look back on this place?

Am I going to give up or create?

What am I meant to create?


What is the battle I'm facing in my mind and how do I overcome?

Is my imagination available to new dreams that will take me to new places?

How has my lifestyle impacted my imagination, ideas?


What’s in my memories that may make this place make sense?

 How do I need to change while I am in this place in life?

Am I behaving like the daughter of circumstances or the child of great vision? 



 What’s going on in my soul/spirit/mind? 

How's my spirit (womb)man?

 How does it feel? How do I feel? Like, really feel? 

 How is the pain helping me grow?


Those are a few questions floating around in the back of my head, latently guiding my journaling in some form or fashion when I open my teastained pages and get into my outpour.  What about you?

Journey Soulfully