Regarding Your Times

Thinking Teastained Woman:Regarding your times.

No matter our pupose on this planet, part of it includes documenting the characteristics of the times into which we’ve been born. We have a distinct mandate to make note of what we see occuring in our generation, what’s going on in our day, our era, the culture we are witnessing take shape before us.  It’s the setting of our storyline!  Knowing our times makes us more keenly in touch with why we have been born and our genealogical expectations. It even gives us the same insight and excitement for a fellow teastained woman. 


Regarding our times is how we poise ourselves as wise, insightful matriarchs. How is your identity alchemizing with the set of decades that is your life thusfar? What do you see happening in your generation? What commonalities or conflicts do you note as you regard different generations speak with each other?  One day you’ll say “Back in my day...” and you’ll want more than half-truth, foggy memories and hyperbolic old wives’ tales to sustain your descendants’ curiosity of your continuance before they came into being. 


You aren’t living in a vacuum, bubble. Your life purpose is coinciding with an eventful age and in many ways is being impacted by it. Simultaneously, you are also guarding your gifts from being tainted by the culture of your day. Either way, it is your responsibility to regard your times; to take in the atmosphere of your era(s) and document what you see. Poignant words that have been said, significant books that have been written, art and artists of note, what fads and trends have been absorbed by the masses, what laws are being passed, what songs are topping the charts, what country has had a war, who has died, technology that’s been made, movements that have occurred, leaders that have come to power/ lost their power, etc.—these are signals of a matriarch who is understanding that she came into existence “for such a time as this”.