Why is it so hard for me to keep a journal??

The other day I was dealing with being overwhelmed, feeling noisy on the inside, recovering from being upset, and grabbing my phone just to stare at something beautiful. Then I tried to journal.

Couldn't do it.  My mind was tangled with words but I could not write. I tried to start a few sentences but they all felt contrived, like a rusty door creeking open.

And it hit me:   I'm not fit to journal at the moment.  Too much noise, too much disorder.  

This post is inspired by that moment. I've written it as if to myself, listing several reasons why it's unecessarily challenging for many of us to get through a journal. Consider the following:

VGB whycantjournal2.jpg
VGB whycantjournal7.jpg

I've had to consider all of these and more when it comes to protecting the rhythm and rapport I have with myself.  Much available to us in our culture is meant to convince us that being irreverent to ourselves and being in soulfully compromising situations, listening to lyrics that don't belong to us and allowing them to sing over us, and being in a constant state of hype is "normal".  They aren't.  They will hurt your ears and strain your eyes, keeping you from a holistic relationship with  yourself and your soulful journey.