TTW: When the Time Comes...

When the time comes to write what you're meant to write or do any kind of activity that's directly proportionate to your identity, vision, or furthering yourself for sake of the generations to come from you--these are often the moments when your metaphorical babe is crowning at the birth canal of your soul.  Poached at that birth canal are every kind of distraction and trap designed to get you out of that focused frame of mind; to put your birthing energy somewhere else and thus delay or sabotage your moment of fruition.  

As dramatic as this sounds we go through myriad of such moments ALL. DAY. LONG, every day. Some seasons are moreso intense than others.  Moments where inspiration can be developed into a full-fledged idea are traded in for a tv show.  Moments where the Divine is trying to speak to us about who we are and what season we're in are traded for fantasizing or some other fruitless [vivid] daydream.  Rich moments of fulfilling productive, creative ancestral responsibilities are traded for a music playlist.  Narratives that belong in your journal are traded for episodes and talk shows.  

The alarming part (and I am including myself in this!!) is that, for the most part, we don't know moments of richness when they occur. We know what feels good and in some form of self-soothing consequence of living under an inhumane system, we also know that we can do various things to make ourselves feel good.  Another consequence of living in this inhumane system is ascribing negative connotations to anything that makes our minds "work"--especially the duties of engaging truth to harvest revelation, meditating for sake of hearing the still voice, or purpose and foundation-laying for the next generation. And with everything being automated and visual, we can have so much handed to us conceptually that originality has lesser and lesser access to us.

We live in a culture that equips us to react and act on what we crave, what we "feel like" doing/ eating/ experiencing; a culture designed to distract us from our design by projecting upon us whatever 1 dimension of ourselves lusts after.  

A humanity in a state of constant distraction is a humanity easily controlled, unable to attain understanding in concenrate, and unable to stitch the convictions of their narrative together so the next generation can have a pool of wisdom from which they can pull and act upon. Our society manufactures distractions for every combination of identity and emotion.  Thus, we have endless opportunities to be one foolish object/media product away from compromising our genetics or the thoughts we should be thinking to give our genes their blueprints.

Here's how these things function as distractions:
they are attractive to you in the moments when your soul and spirit
are actually craving a soul-engaging activity.
By choosing distraction over your soulful, spiritual needs,
we are compromising our timing, impact,
genetics, memory, and narratives.

We have a viviparous relationship with our journeys.   It behooves us, therefore, to come to the full awareness that most cravings/ temptations/ "sudden" desires--even daydreams--come AT THE EXACT MOMENT we're meant to be sowing something in favor of our futures: whether in the physical or in the spiritual actions. Distractions such as these are always poised to snatch at the mind right when focus is pure enough for thoughts about tomorrow. 

Times and seasons rich with inheritance are THE MOST RIPE to be intercepted by seemingly random cravings (for an activity, entertainment, sex, even [sugary/salty/other junk ] FOODS, etc.). Inapproporate/pornographic images will always flash in your head when you've dedicated your mind to focusing on your forward, drawing up blueprints, or being still. Zoning out on social media will always be poised as an option when it's time to be quiet and listen.  I'd dare say it's a law of the universe that your mind's purest state is the most vulnerable to well-timed, untimely diversions and entertainment designed to thwart your pith and dilute your passion. We exist ovivaporou Your memory is assaulted everyday so your blazing fervency for yourself in future tense is diffused and diluted into desires for momentary, gains with an expiration.

Birth canal moments have snares assigned to them. Think back to anytime you've tried to get quiet: the war that ensues in your mind to focus, to not do this or that, to not include background noise--the pretentious memories that suddenly find their occasion to flood your mind with dialogues... For each of us it's something different--some door we've left open in our lives that allows various destructive thoughts, feelings, tendencies, distractions etc. to march right through when we're crowning the infant of brilliance.  Sadly, we call these snares our "normal" as they've come so naturally (through the mind) over the span of our lifetimes; we've normalized constantly being conceptually, spiritually intercepted. Thus we adjust to being distracted; we don't question constant interruption, we don't see an issue with accepting party invitations on our designated times of quietude, and we certainly don't find anything awry with the timing of our desires to watch a TV show or listen to certain music.  

A consequence of not knowing who you are and the
distractions assigned to your work on this planet,
in this era is not questioning the timing of events, desires, cravings, etc.
Do you ever ask "Why THIS-- and why right NOW???"

As a soulful sojourner it is your duty to learn and exact your identity and its purpose while also memorizing what's poised at your doorway in direct opposition to these. Call out the moments you're tempted to go look through IG, play THAT playlist, go to a bar with the girls, binge watch on that series, watch pornography, or be unproductive in general and ask "Is this craving interfering or intercepting something I SHOULD BE doing for my lifetime?" or "What's being traded as I choose to engage with this?" 

Because so much that surrounds us is inorganic and uncreated,
filling our time and using our energy to engage with these gives us these exact traits.


As a result of constant contact with the unreal, we forsake what's most real about us and pursue fake realities, illusionary goals, unreality, escapism, fake money, etc.  Going after what's truth will always put you in contact with what's real, and it will often feel heavy, not like the lightness entertainment has taught to associate with relaxation. You'll feel the press of weighty words and mandate on your mind and you'll be tempted to alleviate yourself from it with a peruse on IG or a show on Netflix--but what happens if you just stay there and listen, write, respond?  A moment of obeying physical cravings can kill the radical intangible that you carry, that's desiring to be birthed through you over your lifetime.

How much have we lost choosing noisiness over activities and thoughts of responsible matriarchy?  What ideas, paragraphs, insights, etc have been diluted because we don't know how to handle our predestination; how it uses time as its tongue? Are we being careless with our design by exposing our souls to any atmosphere to which we "feel" like attending or obligated to do so because of invitation?

Teastained women, our minds and lives are too precious to waste with insouciance and foolishness.  

Here's what we can do from the standpoint of journaling:  document your cravings/temptations/moments that trigger fantasizing-- and WHEN these times arise.  Then try a resistant something: suppress them; say no to temptation; tell the fantasy to shut up; put your phone on airplane mode-- and see what happens when you sit still and pull out your journal instead.  

I assure you based on experience you that you will notice every moment where you've been tempted to do something that satiates you topically/physically is actually a birthing moment attempting to be sabotaged. I've seen in my own life that resisting the urge to give myself some unnecessary reward or engage in some form of self-soothing or entertainment and choosing instead to dig deep exposes the rich oil just beneath the dirt that I was going to sit atop of.  I've seen how colorful my ideas get when I ignore urges to create noise to cushion my intensely intense purposeful reality.

Things to do:

Get quiet.

Learn your triggers (what makes you want to turn on your headphones? What's that moment?). Call them out.

Ask yourself: Why do I want the things I want--AT THE TIMES that I want them? Practice disagreeing with the underlying lies that direct you into deciding against moments of destiny by participating in fruitlessness.

document your fertility, your design, your purpose. then work backwards and determine all the areas in your life where you will most likely experience distraction, mental attack, etc.

if you are compromised from the inside out, then your impact is compromised and your destiny is delayed. what's compromising you within?  do some reflection and discern what in your life is denaturing you, availing you to setback and dilution.

Practice discernment so you're not voluntarily entering amnesiac moments.

Call out jitteriness, feeling scattered, confused, suddenly anxious, etc. at times of quiet. Entertainment should NOT be a pacifier.  It's not normal to feel calm when around noisy things and overwhelmed when still.

Weed out the habits, etc. in your life that feed fruitless, dead actions instead of your future-orientation.

Let's learn and do accordingly.
Journey Soulfully