the latest mantra cahier series:
“plumage History”

The latest series of mantra cahier journals, about the necessity to shed the old form you’ve held in order to become someone new, the acknowledgement of what’s hindered you and the need to disconnect from and disown it; the season of intentionally forgetting how to be who you’ve always been in order to form new memories.
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Shedding is an evolutionary act and it never happens evenly, nor does it happen in the same way for everyone.
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Let go of the old so you can transform into the anatomy of the woman who will act out the purpose for which you were created.
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—Hence the variations of shedding for each woman on the journals.
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Old and new cannot coexist in the same skin—one will negate or hinder or UNDO the other.
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Shed the dead. Shed the irrelevant. Shed the stuff that can’t feed the new mindset you need to Journey Soulfully.
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Did you really think you could stay the same and enter your next season? Did you think you could keep your old form and still call movement ‘transformation’?
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And so we have the sojourning, evolving teastained woman: choosing to shed the old skin of who she once was, choosing to forget the ways that were comfortable but no longer edifying, choosing to be born again, and in that infantile state of becoming, learn how to exist in her purpose-laden humanity.
There is nothing uglier than a sojourner who’s chosen to keep her dead skin of old humanity and make it make sense in a new season, intoxicated with self-hindrance, lying to herself that she’s paying homage to what once was when she’s just too fearful to let go of everything about who she used to be
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