Alisha Sommer  and her journal!

Alisha Sommer and her journal!


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“All of prayers are written in vagabroad journals. This is probably my 15th purchase. As soon as I notice I have a couple of pages before I finish the journal I start stalking the site. Each one is unique. Chimene is my soul sister. If you see a journal you like BUY IT now because it will be reserved or purchased within 24 hours. She prioritizes her self care while continuing to deliver amazing one of a king journals. Over the years she continues to give her journal time and attention each one deserves. Every journal has a personal note and made with love. No custom orders. Every journal is unique and her writing and art makes my heart smile. If you want to speak life into your words. Prayers. Affirmations. Thoughts. Life. Write it down make it plain. For me it’s so easy, vagabroad is the only journal that will suffice.”
—Britney Montgomery

“As always, I LOVE it! Chimene's creative genius inspires me. I purchased this second journal
so that I would immediately have it at my fingertips as soon as I finish the first one.“

”I haven't been writing in anything that wasn't made by Chimene for a few months now and I don't regret a thing. I connect more to my words and thoughts when I write in these journals. They are a beautiful part of my narrative/legacy.”

“Easily the most beautiful journal I’ve ever purchased in my life and that’s nothing to sneeze at because I’m an avid collector. I absolutely adore it! And the mantra has really inspired some intense journaling sessions about both appreciating and cultivating solitude, as well as recognizing there will always be others to connect with in a myriad number of ways no matter how tenuous or unbreakable those connections may seem at any given point in time. It’s just about being where you are and embracing that, making it all work for your evolution. Deep stuff. Thank you, Chimene. Keep up the amazing work!“
—Amanda E.