About the Series...

The stuff we go through when we decide to become who we're meant to be? That's the journey to which Vagabroad Journals are designed to correlate. The moment you decide to take yourself into the unknown and endure transformation along the way? That's what these journals speak to. Vagabroad Journals ARE a physical representation of the soulful journey. They are artifacts of commanding continuance with truth and conviction inscribed on their covers.

These journals are made in series that correspond to the journeys we naturally find ourselves on once we decide to engage our identities through disassociation from what we've always been/done, movement in and towards truth, changing along the way, narration (through declaration and journaling), and discernment of what stays in and around us and what should not be part of us.

With Yah's help I created these journals from the midst of my own accompanying, informative circumstances. The words that came from me in these seasons became the journals' titles, themes, etc. Thus, every Vagabroad Journal series speaks to a very real and radical battle, season, space, crisis, challenge, memory, transition, etc. in my own experience. I experience the world through journal covers--a living allegory that our lives are indeed VGB: Very Good Books.

The journals' connection to my own journey makes me accountable to always create in truth and authenticity, with pure motives for the authors who end up inscribing their lives in each journal. The hope is that each series is resonant with the sojourner to whom it is created to speak.

Below you have introductions to the genealogies of Vagabroad Journals.


Sankofa: Before Moving Forward, Reference History


 “It is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” The first collection,  addressed the initial stages of moving forward, where we begin to see value in what has happened in our lives up until the decision to move forward. From what we see in looking back, we can gather strength and direction in moving forward.


Here: Where is "Here" for You?

This was a collection done in collaboration with and launched entirely on  Once we’ve decided to move forward to our vision we all reach a point in which we look at what we have “Here” with which we can move forward.  This collection asked “What does ‘Here’ mean to you?” “To where are you going from ‘Here’?” and “What are you taking with you from ‘Here’ on your journey?”  This collection also addressed the cost of the dream; the cost of moving forward.  When “Here” has a name, so does “There”.  What will it take to go?  



Departures & Arrivals: Interrogate Your Location


The third collection addresses these en route states of being.  We depart and arrive to places in life every day.  Can we recognize a departure or arrival when it comes or have we become too familiar with temporary, seasonal places to recognize destiny beyond where we are?


Allons-y!: Move Boldly into Your Unknown


This collection addresses facing the abstract unknown and taking a leap into it.  


Seule: It's Alright to be Alone- Baby, You're Gold!


A series comprised of BOTH hardcover journals and complimentary Mantra Cahiers, this collection speaks to times when we need to be alone so we can find out what we’re made of and who we really are. Too often people use groups and populated environments to anesthetize themselves from themselves.  Bear the weight of yourself alone so you can carry yourself in the crowd.  You’ll learn you’re radiant, iridescent, anatomically built for greatness with a pigmented soul, and gold.  Baby, I’m gold.  


Korima: Imagine Greater for Your Descendants


This collection speaks to imagining greater for what and who will come from you.  "I have decided not to trust my history, memory, journey, or feelings to a eulogizing friend, secondhand memory of an acquaintance, or the curiosity of a digging biographer to misconstrue and make his or her own sense of my life."

A series on the practice of responsible ancestry as we journey soulfully.


Extended Mantra Cahier Series (in progress!)


“Paradesi Banjara”

In Indian languages, “paradesi” means “foreigner” and “banjara” means wanderer. This collection speaks to the seasons in life where we have to intentionally make ourselves foreign to people, ideas, mindsets, and circumstances swirling all around us, focus our attentions to who we are and eventually “wander” away from that space onto what is ours. These journals celebrate the seasonality of a place.

“Until this is Over…”

A series that began as a tearful declaration, this is the only cataloged journal series, as each journal is NUMBERED: 1-100 as of 12/2018. The numbering system is metaphorical: the journals form a calendar of declarations of continuance for how the author will continue despite the surrounding circumstance seeming like it will never end.

No matter the season we are meant to be investing in ourselves, in our fecundity, in our future. Until this is over—whatever “this” is—we are meant to behave like what we are after is already done, we have already come to fruition. We have to remember to not lose ourselves despite hardships or trials seeming like they own us. Everyday we recognize that despite whatever is STILL going on, we too have something we are carrying something that will have it’s birthday one day soon… Until this is over…We will keep on.



Many speak to “it’s my season for____…” or “It’s my time to____…” but there is also time and season to NOT do things. This series pays attention to such times, validating that along the journey there are times when we must exercise discernment and discipline to NOT do certain things. This too is forward movement.



This series honors the power of our words, the power of declaration. Use your mouth to declare your self forward. Often circumstances render us overly introspective and silent; we have to get out of our own head and declare the opposite of whatever negativity is humming in our minds. We have to get out of our heads and declare what we wish to see, the truth of our identity and purpose, the truth against all lies being washed over us in a situation, in this culture, in this system. Our words can strip externalities’ power.

The covers on this series are titled with declarations the author can speak over themselves as they write through their journey.



This series is about the life moments when you realize you're on the other side of a circumstance but you're still freeing, still dealing with a few things, still healing, etc.—but choosing to move forward nonetheless.

It's about not letting ponderings about your rawness disqualify you from welcoming the newness of your next season.

“Distracted Matriarch”

Do not be a distracted matriarch. This series’ messaging speaks to how we cannot afford to live our lives swaying in the direction of circumstance, entertainment, or others’ ideas of who we are. Distraction is a state of being off course, having no footing for what’s before you and it can be a moment or a few years. The consequences go straight to our bloodline.

JPEG image-2331A451C723-4.jpeg

“Resolved in 3”

This series started as an homage to new year’s resolutions I collected from Vagabroad diarists for the website homepage in 2016, and then became a staple series of cahiers.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to come to a resolution about a thing, a chapter, a season in the journey. Three-word declarations that speak to whatever they must, with unwavering authority.


Miniseries...(you may not see these again)


"State of Being"

Mantra Cahiers about regarding your "state of being" so you can decide for yourself what Journeying Soulfully looks like for you and do so accordingly.


"Progenitor's Seed"

This miniseries is inspired by the concept of investing in yourself through documentation being a form of responsible ancestry.

You are a matriarch of someone or something you don't know yet what beings your life is forming but it's creating in your image.

In journeying soulfully, create responsibly.



Inspired by surface designer Sade Akanbi, this series is about the life moments when you realize you're on the other side of a circumstance but you're still freeing, still dealing with a few things, still healing, etc.—but choosing to move forward nonetheless.

It's about not letting ponderings about your rawness disqualify you from welcoming the newness of your next season.


Foreign Flux

A series about dealing with becoming and transforming in the meantime: not there yet, but gone so long from who you once were that there's no choice except to change into something you have never seen or known or heard of.



Dire in French means "to say, to tell"
In English it means "requiring action, urgent"
Recognize the urgency of using your words, telling your story.


These come from a time of really remembering that we have to be diligent to destiny no matter the topography, climate, etc. etc. Just little notes.