Who makes/paints your journals? 
ALL Vagabroad Journals are completely assembled, bound, and painted by yours truly. Each and every one. I  sketch the design, mix the colors, and paint them all.  Combining the painting, tea staining, binding and drying processes each journal takes about a week to complete.  

Teastained pages?  What?
Yes.  I tea stain my paper! Each sheet gets treated over the course of several hours to a couple of days.  Then they're folded and bound and the rest is history...Your history, perhaps?

How often do you update your shop?
I do my best to update the shop a couple times a month.  I travel quite often these days as a freelancer so I work whenever/wherever I have the space to do so.  It takes about a week to make a journal, hence the stretches of time between the batches.

I love one particular journal design!  Could you make it for me?
So as to maintain the integrity of my work and the overall goals for the brand, I do not duplicate cover designs. I want everyone to have the honest experience of knowing that she is the only one on the planet with a the book that's containing her story.  If one a past journal design's message speaks to you we can work together to create something that's appropriate for your narrative!  Tell me your story!

Do you sell anywhere else besides online?
Yes!  My work can be found at Marche Rue Dix in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Do you check your DMs on Instagram?
Yes!  I love DMs on IG!  Message away!

Are you available to lead journaling workshops in small groups?
Absolutely. Let's do it! Send me an email and we'll work out the details.  c.amaliej@yahoo.com